There is no one clear solution for the problems we face today, and I do not offer clear cut solutions as such.

Instead, I aim to support groups, teams, communities and organizations to navigate the space of uncertainty and find new and unexpected pathways to manifest future visions and imaginations. 

Dealing with uncertainty is not always easy and leads many of us into coping mechanisms including freezing, numbing and over- identifying with a specific ideology. This behavior however fosters separation, keeps us bound to old and familiar paradigms and keeps us from uprooting deeper seated issues. Furthermore, avoiding uncertainty and confusion moves us away from our free, creative and authentic selves by keeping us dependent on external safety and security. Standing in the way of joy, happiness and connection. 

Services I offer

Around themes of sustainability, personal leadership, participatory research, transformative learning.

Guest Lectures

Short Workshops

Longer Term Facilitation

In my facilitation I help individuals and groups to:

a.   learn to embrace the uncomfortableness and vulnerability of not knowing and uncertainty 

b.  learn to detect and transform negative coping mechanisms including avoidance, numbing, rigidity, simplifying, detachment, disconnection

c.  instead, open up to ‘spaces of possibility’, vast spaces in which there is not knowing, uncertainty, chaos at times but also infinite possibility, new stories that are waiting to emerge

d.  tap into these fields of possibility, by letting go of  narrow perspectives created by the mind, and tap into other sources of wisdom and intelligences. Finding our sense of authentic agency in these spaces of possibility, one that is not bounded to ideology, external safety and security

e.  experiencing the joy of getting in touch with our authentic, creative selves in  connection with others

f.  identify possibilities that are ready to emerge, bringing them into focus and find concrete action points to support their manifestation


“I appreciated how a positive and encouraging space was created in order to encourage the chance to breath and embrace embodied ways of knowing as well as learning through arts-based practices and materials”

“It was eyeopening for the students to approach the topic of sustainability from a completely different perspective.”

Wendelien Tuijp

Lecturer/Program Coordinator , VU Amsterdam

Art-Based Methods for Transformative Engagement


I’m part of a group of researchers who collaboratively created a workshop on Arts-Based Methods for Transformative Engagement and published the same titled Toolkit which includes all the methods we have used in several of our workshops, examples of cases we worked with and (theoretical) background material. 

We offer our services as facilitators of short and long term learning processes to organisations, institutes, communities or teams that are passionate about exploring their potential or strengthen their capacity as transformative change agents. 

Read about our Toolkit here or download the Toolkit open access.

Contact me if you are interested in a hardcopy. 





Pearson, K.R., Backman, M., Grenni, S., Moriggi, A., Pisters, S., Vrieze de, A. (2018). Arts-Based Methods for Transformative Engagement: A Toolkit. Wageningen: SUSPLACE. https://doi.org/10.18174/441523

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